Scottish Non League Review

2013/14 edition. Available Now.

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Non League Review 2012-2013 Edition

The Review of 2014/2015 is the twenty eighth in the annual series and includes all the league tables, in addition to all league results and cup results from each of the three Junior regions and the Highland, Lowland, East and South of Scotland Leagues and details of all the regional senior county cup competitions.

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There have been five parts, to date, of the Miscellany series of booklets on Scottish football, I have published over recent years. The initial part of a Victorian Miscellany series is also available.

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Scottish Football - A Sourcebook - Volume 2

In Spring 2014, I published Volume 2 of the Scottish Football Sourcebook, by John Weir, the first volume being published back in 1996, and was then followed up with two smaller update booklets in 1998 and 2001.

This 2014 edition supplements the earlier booklets, with further information on older resources as well as new publications that have since been published.

All four booklets together should give a comprehensive covering of books, magazines and all sorts of other resources. Totalling 56 pages, this 2014 edition costs 2.50 plus postage (70p postage within the UK). The earlier publications have long sold out but I can provide reprints upon request. Price would be 2.20 for the 1996 edition and 80p for each of the 1998 and 2001 updates.

All 4 parts together are available for a postage included price of 7.50.

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