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Scottish Football History

The Miscellany series

This is a series of small publications (envisaged to range from 16 to 48 pages) on various aspects of mainly junior football, and available in initially limited print runs. A little different from the earlier HISTORIES series (which ran to six issues over a period of years), these will be on a varied range of subjects and be published occasionally.

The first two publications in this new series were both published in February 2006 :

The first covered the final ten years of the Lanarkshire Junior FA, through excerpts from the minute books of the Association. This booklet has 20 pages. The second of these includes excerpts from the minute books of the Lanarkshire League, as well as the winners and runners up from the league and its cups throughout around 80 years of competition. This also runs to 20 pages. The Lanarkshire League and Association went through a number of changes during this period, with many of their member clubs becoming defunct, and these booklets give a great insight to the major problems faced as well as some of the more unusual.

The third, published in June 2006 is Scottish Junior Football Cup & League Competitions a Historical Guide. This has 28 pages, and includes snippets of historical information on many competitions from the past, such as when they were founded, main points of interest, highlighted seasons, why they were founded etc.

All of the above three parts cost £1.50 each plus 50p postage each.

The fourth, published in October 2007 is Scottish Sport 1894. This includes extracts from the first six months of the 1894 volume of Scottish Sport, the twice weekly Scottish sporting newspaper of the late Victorian area. It covered the latest happenings, news and views from around Scottish football, in a period when junior and senior clubs were just starting to participate in a set-up we would now recognise, with leagues starting and the major cups becoming established. The idea of producing this is to highlight the good reference to the daily goings-on of football in Scotland in the late 19th century that this, and similar publications of the era can provide to football researchers, as well as give the general reader a different viewpoint on Scottish football.

Copies of this 44 page booklet are available from me at £2.50 plus 65p postage.

The fifth in the series published October 2008 is a History of Junior Football in Dumfries-shire. Despite there being no league there since the early 1950s (and even this being a short post-war burst of enthusiasm following a near 20 year break after the late 1920s), the area has quite a junior history, going back to the 1890s. This booklet will include final tables, cup winners, many cup results (including all Dumfries-shire matches in the Scottish Junior Cup) as well as a club directory of every club to have participated over the years. This opens up a whole new part of the country to published junior football history.

Copies of this 56 page booklet are available from me at £3.00 plus 65p postage.

Should you wish to purchase all five editions of Miscellany, please send £11 (includes £1 towards postage costs)

The Victorian Miscellany series

In May 2009, I published the first issue of what I hope, in time, will become a series on the much-neglected pre-1900 era. Included are the playing records of the member clubs for a decade from 1875 and then again for the first few years of the 1890s; a listing of the SFA member clubs (by county) in 1891, showing their colours and grounds at that time, as taken from the 1891 SFA Annual.

I have also added a number of snippets from the Scottish Referee publication, during the summer of 1893. This gives some contemporary comments of the day on the comings and goings. Contributions and suggestions for future volumes of this series are welcomed. The intention is that this series will help fill an important gap in Scottish football’s history and encourage further research. Copies are available at £2.20 plus 65p postage.